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Friday, February 15, 2019 - (Scores not yet reported or enter)
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Buckman Billygoats 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Buckman Billygoats 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Buckman Billygoats 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Buckman Billygoats 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Lastrup Lakers 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Lastrup Lakers 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Lastrup Lakers 1:30 PM
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Lastrup Lakers 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Pierz Brewers 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Pierz Bulldogs 1:30 PM
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Pierz Brewers 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Pierz Brewers 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Pierz Bulldogs 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Pierz Brewers 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Pierz Bulldogs 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Pierz Bulldogs 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Royalton Riverdogs 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Royalton Riverdogs 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Royalton Riverdogs 1:30 PM
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Royalton Riverdogs 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ Aitkin Steam 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ Aitkin Steam 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ Aitkin Steam 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ Aitkin Steam 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ Cuyuna Range Miners 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ Cuyuna Range Miners 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ Cuyuna Range Miners 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ Cuyuna Range Miners 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ Fort Ripley Rebels 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ Fort Ripley Rebels 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ Fort Ripley Rebels 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ Fort Ripley Rebels 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ Nisswa Lightning 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ Nisswa Lightning 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ Nisswa Lightning 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ Nisswa Lightning 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ St. Mathias Devils 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ St. Mathias Devils 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ St. Mathias Devils 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ St. Mathias Devils 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 Opole Bears @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 St. Stephen Steves @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 Freeport Black Sox @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 St. Wendel Saints @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 St. Wendel Saints @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 Opole Bears @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 St. Stephen Steves @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 Avon Lakers @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 Avon Lakers @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 Freeport Black Sox @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 St. Stephen Steves @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 St. Wendel Saints @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 St. Wendel Saints @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 Opole Bears @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 Freeport Black Sox @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 Avon Lakers @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 Avon Lakers @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 Freeport Black Sox @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 Opole Bears @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 St. Stephen Steves @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Swanville Swans @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Sobieski Skis @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Randall Cubs @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Upsala Blue Jays @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Flensburg Falcons @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Sobieski Skis @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Swanville Swans @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Upsala Blue Jays @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Randall Cubs @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Swanville Swans @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Upsala Blue Jays @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Flensburg Falcons @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Randall Cubs @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Sobieski Skis @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Upsala Blue Jays @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Flensburg Falcons @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Flensburg Falcons @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
 Randall Cubs @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
 Sobieski Skis @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
 Swanville Swans @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
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Status: Completed
  R H E
Freeport Black Sox  6 6 0
St. Stephen Steves  8 10 1
Innings: 9
WP: Chris Belling 7+IP 3r 4h 4k 3bb
Tony Schmitz 1/3IP 3r 2h 0k 1bb
Save: Blake Guggenberger 1 2/3IP 0r 0h 3k 0bb
LP: Mitch Reller 2 1/3IP 6r 4h 3k 4bb 1hp
Nate Winter 4IP 2r 5h 0k 0bb
Eddie Zambrona 1 2/3IP 0r 1h 0k 1bb

Austin Guggenberger 3-5
Cody Wolhart 1-5 Hr, rbi, 2 runs
Blake Guggenberger 1-4 2B, hp, 3 runs
Tony Schmitz 2-3 Hr, 2B, bb, 2 rbi, 2 runs
-Alex Wolhart 0-0
Ben Omann 2-3 bb, rbi, run
Brandon Waldvogel 1-3 bb, 2 rbi
Nick Krippner 0-3 bb, rbi
-Chris Belling 0-0
-Zach Opatz 0-0
Ben Bierscheid 0-3 sac fly, rbi
Rick Hendrickson 0-3 bb

Black Sox:
Jake Braegelmann 1-5 2B, run
-Mitch Reller 0-0
-Nate Winter 0-0
-Eddie Zambrona 0-0
Troy Frieler 1-3 bb, 2 runs
Brandon Sawyer 1-3 Hr, sac fly, 3 rbi, run
Eric Evaslage 2-4 Hr, 3 rbi, run
Ike Sawyer 0-3 bb
Nate Mettenburg 0-3 bb
Bryan Benson 1-4
Trevor Sawyer 0-4

The St. Stephen Steves are returning to the Region 8C Tournament for the 8th consecutive year after an 8-6 win over the Freeport Black Sox on Saturday at Trobec Memorial Field.  The Steves jumped out early with a bases-loaded walk to Ben Omann and a 2-run single by Brandon Waldvogel to make it 3-0 after 1 inning.  St. Stephen added another 3 runs in the bottom of the 3rd when Cody Wolhart led off with his first career Victory League Homer to make it 4-0, Blake Guggenberger then was hit by a pitch, Ben Omann singled with 1 out, Brandon Waldvogel walked to load the bases and Mitch Reller walked Nick Krippner to force in a run to make it 5-o.  Freeport then brought in lefty Nate Winter to pitch.  Ben Bierscheid delivered a sacrifice fly to make it 6-0 before Winter got the 3rd out of the inning on a fly out to right and the Steves led 6-0 after 3 innings.  In the top of the 4th, Freeport got on the scoreboard when Troy Frieler took a lead-off walk and then Brandon Sawyer drove a Home-Run over the wall in left-center to make it 6-2.  The Steves responded with a 2-run Homer of their own in the bottom of the 4th when Tony Schmitz cracked a 2-run shot to right-center with Blake Guggenberger aboard to make it 8-2 after 4. It stayed that way until the top of the 8th when the Black Sox made a big push.  It began with Jake Braegelmann's lead-off, ground-rule double.  That hit spelled the end of the day for Steves starter Chris Belling, who gave way to Tony Schmitz.  Carter Sawyer walked to put 2 men on with no outs.  A Troy Frieler single to right filled the bases.  Brandon Sawyer's sacrifice fly to center made it 8-3.  Eric Evaslage then crushed a 3-run Homer and suddenly it was 8-6.  The Steves then went back to the bullpen, bringing in Blake Guggenberger.  He had thrown a Complete-Game against Freeport last weekend in a 7-6 Steves win.  Guggenberger registered back-to-back strikeouts to end the inning with the Steves lead trimmed to 2 at 8-6.  In the bottom of the 8th, Freeport righty Eddie Zambrona, who relieved Nate Winter with 1 out in the 7th, worked a scoreless bottom of the 8th to give the Black Sox one last chance.  Bryan Benson reached base on an infield error to lead off, meaning that the Sox would have 3 chances with the potential tying run at the plate.  Blake Guggenberger got Trevor Sawyer to ground out to 1st, advancing Benson to 2nd with 1 out.  Guggenberger then fanned Jake Braegelmann for out #2 and got a ground out to shortstop off the bat of Carter Sawyer to end the game with the Steves winning 8-6.  St. Stephen will go to Avon Sunday to face the Lakers for the South Division Title, beginning at 1:00 pm.  A second game would follow if the Steves win the first game.  
Freeport Black Sox St. Stephen Steves
Brandon Sawyer
Brett Watercott
Bryan Benson
Bryce Stalboerger
Carter Sawyer
Christian Bartello
Cody Rose
Craig Meyer
Dylan Carlson
Edwin Zambrona
Eric Evaslage
Issac Sawyer
Jake Braegelmann
John Benson
Leon Kirk
Mitch Reller
Nate Mettenburg
Nate Winter
Rob Mettenburg
Ryan Tschida
TJ Frericks
Tommy Benson
Trever Sawyer
Troy Frieler
Zach Mettenburg
Alan Justin
Alex Omann
Alex Wolhart
Andrew Grant
Andrew Stolt
Austin Guggenberger
Ben Bierscheid
Ben Omann
Blake Andrew Guggenberger
Brandon Waldvogel
Chris Belling
Christopher Slivnik
Cody Wolhart
Nathan Shaw
Nick Krippner
Rick Hendrickson
Thomas Bevens
Tony Schmitz
Troy Monson
Zach Omann