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Friday, February 15, 2019 - (Scores not yet reported or enter)
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Buckman Billygoats 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Buckman Billygoats 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Buckman Billygoats 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Buckman Billygoats 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Lastrup Lakers 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Lastrup Lakers 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Lastrup Lakers 1:30 PM
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Lastrup Lakers 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Pierz Brewers 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Pierz Bulldogs 1:30 PM
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Pierz Brewers 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Pierz Brewers 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Pierz Bulldogs 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Pierz Brewers 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Pierz Bulldogs 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Pierz Bulldogs 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Royalton Riverdogs 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Royalton Riverdogs 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Royalton Riverdogs 1:30 PM
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Royalton Riverdogs 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ Aitkin Steam 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ Aitkin Steam 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ Aitkin Steam 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ Aitkin Steam 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ Cuyuna Range Miners 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ Cuyuna Range Miners 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ Cuyuna Range Miners 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ Cuyuna Range Miners 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ Fort Ripley Rebels 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ Fort Ripley Rebels 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ Fort Ripley Rebels 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ Fort Ripley Rebels 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ Nisswa Lightning 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ Nisswa Lightning 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ Nisswa Lightning 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ Nisswa Lightning 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ St. Mathias Devils 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ St. Mathias Devils 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ St. Mathias Devils 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ St. Mathias Devils 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 Opole Bears @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 St. Stephen Steves @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 Freeport Black Sox @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 St. Wendel Saints @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 St. Wendel Saints @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 Opole Bears @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 St. Stephen Steves @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 Avon Lakers @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 Avon Lakers @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 Freeport Black Sox @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 St. Stephen Steves @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 St. Wendel Saints @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 St. Wendel Saints @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 Opole Bears @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 Freeport Black Sox @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 Avon Lakers @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 Avon Lakers @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 Freeport Black Sox @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 Opole Bears @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 St. Stephen Steves @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Swanville Swans @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Sobieski Skis @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Randall Cubs @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Upsala Blue Jays @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Flensburg Falcons @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Sobieski Skis @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Swanville Swans @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Upsala Blue Jays @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Randall Cubs @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Swanville Swans @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Upsala Blue Jays @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Flensburg Falcons @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Randall Cubs @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Sobieski Skis @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Upsala Blue Jays @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Flensburg Falcons @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Flensburg Falcons @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
 Randall Cubs @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
 Sobieski Skis @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
 Swanville Swans @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
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Status: Completed
  R H E
Waterville Indians  3 5 3
Lastrup Lakers  4 7 1
Innings: 9
WP: Chad Weiss 6IP 3r 3h 5k 1bb
Save: Preston Rocheleau 3IP 0r 2h 3k 1bb
LP: Luke Sellner 7IP 4r 7h 2k 2bb
Dalton Grose 2IP 0r 0h 1k 1bb 1hp

Chad Weiss 1-3 bb(2), run
Paul Herman 2-5 rbi, run
Brad Meyer 0-4
-Scott Janson 0-1
Peter Herman 1-5
Reggie Litke 1-2 sac, sac fly, 2 rbi, run
Dan Saehr 0-2 sac
-Jason Sadlovsky 0-0 hp
-Isaac Otte 0-0
Preston Rocheleau 0-3 sac
Reese Kapsner 2-3 bb, sb(2), rbi, run
Nate Janson 0-4

Nate Lee 1-3 sac fly, rbi
-Troy Stehr 0-0 sb
Sam Stier 0-4
Shane Sellner 0-3 bb
Nolan Grose 0-4 run
Luke Sellner 0-4
Ben Boran 1-3 Hr, bb, 2 rbi, 2 runs
Dalton Grose 2-4
-Tom Hiller 0-0
Riley Schultz 1-3
Tom Gannon 0-3

The Lastrup Lakers added another late-game, come-from-behind victory to their State Tournament resume with a 4-3 win over the Waterville Indians on Sunday at Joe Schleper Stadium in Shakopee.  Waterville, the #2 seed out of Region 6 with a 24-9 record, got on the scoreboard first when Ben Boran drove a high fly ball over the fence in left for a 2-run Homer to give the Indians a 2-0 lead.  Both starting pitchers, Chad Weiss for Lastrup and Luke Sellner for Waterville, pitched a 1-2-3 3rd inning.  In the top f the 4th, Pete Herman led off with a single, moved to 2nd on a sacrifice bunt from Reggie Litke and then to 3rd on a grounder to shortstop but Sellner stranded Litke at 3rd with a pop out 1st to end the inning.  In the bottom of the 4th, Weiss made it 8 straight retired with another 1-2-3 frame.  Lastrup finally broke through against Sellner in the top of the 5th and it began with Reese Kapsner, who led off with an infield single.  Reese, who had walked and then stolen a base in his first plate appearance in the 2nd inning, quickly stole another base.  After a ground out allowed Kapsner to advance to 3rd, a Paul Herman rbi single to left brought in the run and made it 2-1.  But the Indians pushed their lead back to 2 immediately in the bottom of the 5th when Chad Weiss issued a lead-off walk to Ben Boran and then gave up a single to Dalton Grose to give Waterville men at 1st and 2nd with no outs.  Riley Schultz then reached on an infield single to the hole at shortstop to load the bases.  In need of an important out, Chad Weiss got it with a strikeout of Tom Gannon.  The Indians lead-off batter Nate Lee then delivered a sacrifice fly to make it 3-1 before Weiss ended the inning with a ground out to 3rd baseman Brad Meyer and Waterville led 3-1 after 5. In the top of the 6th, Reggie Litke smacked a 1-out single past shortstop off Sellner.  That brought up Dan Saehr, who hit a bouncer to shortstop, but a low throw to 2nd resulted in an error and both Litke and Saehr were aboard with 1 out.  A fly out to right by Preston Rocheleau was deep enough to allow Litke to tag up and advance to 3rd but it was also the 2nd out of the inning.  That brought up Reese Kapsner, who continued is big day with a run-scoring single to left to plate Litke and make it 3-2.  A ground out to 3rd ended the inning with Lastrup within a run at 3-2 going to the bottom of the 6th.  Weiss breezed through his 4th 1-2-3 inning of the game on 12 pitches to finish off his last inning on the mound as Preston Rocheleau was now warmed up and ready to go after a brief bullpen session.  The game had now reached the to of the 7th and all kinds of weirdness was about to unfold. The Lakers had the top of the lineup due to bat in the inning, meaning it was Chad Weiss, Paul Herman and Brad Meyer.  Weiss watched 4 straight pitches from Sellner sail out of the strike zone for a walk.  Paul Herman knocked a bouncing ball to 2nd baseman Tom Hiller, but as Hiller stepped into his throw to 1st, suddenly his feet went out from underneath him and his throw dribbled over to 1st but not nearly in time to get Herman and now it was 1st and 2nd with no outs.  An attempted sacrifice bunt resulted in a foul pop out for the 1st out of the inning.  Peter Herman then hit a grounder up the middle, fielded at 2nd by Tom Hiller.  What should have been at least a force out at 2nd if not an inning double play instead turned into an error as Hiller had the ball bounce off his glove to fill the bases with 1 out.   Up stepped Reggie Litke.  With a count of 1-0, Litke hit a ball in the air to the right-center gap.  It would certainly be deep enough to allow Weiss to tag up and score the tying run from 3rd.  But the Indians center-fielder Riley Schultz and right fielder Tom Gannon both had their eyes on the ball, and their paths converged with a hard collision as both men fell to the ground.  One of them had the ball, but they were both down on the ground and Paul Herman had tagged up at 2nd and as he approached 3rd, Coach Jamie Litke was waving him around and Herman scored the go ahead-run before the Indians were able to retrieve the ball and play it back in to the infield as Litke was credited with a rare 2-run sacrifice fly to give Lastrup a 4-3 lead.  Pete Herman was thrown out attempting to steal to end the inning and Lastrup had their first lead of the game and the Lakers turned the pitching duties over to Preston Rocheleau in the bottom of the 7th.  Rocheleau struck out Ben Boran but then gave up a single to Dalton Grose. Riley Schultz flew out to left on the next pitch and then Reggie Litke gunned down Grose attempting to steal to complete the 7th.  Waterville went into their bullpen to begin the top of the 8th, bringing in lefty Dalton Grose to relieve Luke Sellner.  Dan Saehr was the first man to face the new pitcher and after fouling off a 1-1 pitch, Saehr felt his kneecap pop out of its socket, something that's happened before to him, and he was unable to continue his at-bat.  Jason Sadlovsky quickly put on a helmet and grabbed a bat to take over from Saehr.  After taking ball 2, Sadlovsky got drilled by a pitch to put him on 1st.  Preston Rocheleau sacrificed him to 2nd with a bunt but the Indians got out of it with a grounder to shortstop and a fly ball to right to put an end to the to of the 8th with Lastrup still up 4-3.  In the bottom of the 8th, Rocheleau got #9 hitter Tom Gannon to hit back to the mound on the first pitch for a quick out.  Nate Lee followed that with a base hit to put the potential tying tun on base with 1 out.  On an attempted pick-off throw to 1st, Lee appeared to injure his arm diving back to 1st and was unable to continue, replaced by pinch-runner Troy Stehr. Stehr was able to steal 2nd, followed by Sam Stier's soft line drive back to the mound for the 2nd out.  Rocheleau  then walked Shane Sellner to put the go-ahead run on base with 2 outs.  The Indians now had their cleanup hitter Nolan Grose at the plate.  Rocheleau took the count to 2-2 and placed a perfect fastball just off the outside corner and Grose chased it for a strikeout to end the inning, prompting a big fist pump from catcher Reggie Litke.  In the top of the 9th, Chad Weiss led off with a walk but the Lakers were unable to add any insurance runs as Grose retired the next 3 men to strand Weiss at 1st and the game headed to the bottom of the 9th. The first man up for Waterville was Luke Sellner, who smashed a hard one-liner to 3rd baseman Peter Herman, who gathered in the ball and threw out Sellner for out #1.  Rocheleau then fired 3 straight fastballs by Ben Boran for the second out.  Needing just one more out, Rocheleau got a ground ball to 2nd baseman Paul Herman, who threw on to Jason Sadlovsky at 1st to complete the Lakers 4-3 victory and propelling them into the Round of 32 next weekend, where they will face the Region 12 Champion Hutchinson Huskies.  That game will be Sunday at 5:00 pm in Shakopee.  
Waterville Indians Lastrup Lakers
Alec Lochner
Bob Pohlkamp
Brad Meyer
Brandon Lochner
Chad Weiss
Curt Caughey
Dan Saehr
Dan Rocheleau
Dustin Schmaltz
Eric Hanneken
Issac Otte
Jamie Litke
Jason Sadlovsky
Logan Lease
Luke Girtz
Mitch Woitalla
Nathan Janson
Paul Herman
Peter Herman
Preston Rocheleau
Reese Kapsner
Reggie Litke
Rick Schlieman
Scott Janson
Shawn Fischer