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Friday, February 15, 2019 - (Scores not yet reported or enter)
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Buckman Billygoats 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Buckman Billygoats 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Buckman Billygoats 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Buckman Billygoats 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Lastrup Lakers 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Lastrup Lakers 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Lastrup Lakers 1:30 PM
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Lastrup Lakers 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Pierz Brewers 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Pierz Bulldogs 1:30 PM
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Pierz Brewers 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Pierz Brewers 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Pierz Bulldogs 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Pierz Brewers 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Pierz Bulldogs 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Pierz Bulldogs 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Royalton Riverdogs 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Royalton Riverdogs 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Royalton Riverdogs 1:30 PM
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Royalton Riverdogs 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ Aitkin Steam 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ Aitkin Steam 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ Aitkin Steam 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ Aitkin Steam 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ Cuyuna Range Miners 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ Cuyuna Range Miners 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ Cuyuna Range Miners 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ Cuyuna Range Miners 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ Fort Ripley Rebels 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ Fort Ripley Rebels 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ Fort Ripley Rebels 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ Fort Ripley Rebels 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ Nisswa Lightning 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ Nisswa Lightning 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ Nisswa Lightning 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ Nisswa Lightning 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ St. Mathias Devils 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ St. Mathias Devils 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ St. Mathias Devils 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ St. Mathias Devils 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 Opole Bears @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 St. Stephen Steves @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 Freeport Black Sox @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 St. Wendel Saints @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 St. Wendel Saints @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 Opole Bears @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 St. Stephen Steves @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 Avon Lakers @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 Avon Lakers @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 Freeport Black Sox @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 St. Stephen Steves @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 St. Wendel Saints @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 St. Wendel Saints @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 Opole Bears @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 Freeport Black Sox @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 Avon Lakers @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 Avon Lakers @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 Freeport Black Sox @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 Opole Bears @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 St. Stephen Steves @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Swanville Swans @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Sobieski Skis @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Randall Cubs @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Upsala Blue Jays @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Flensburg Falcons @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Sobieski Skis @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Swanville Swans @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Upsala Blue Jays @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Randall Cubs @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Swanville Swans @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Upsala Blue Jays @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Flensburg Falcons @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Randall Cubs @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Sobieski Skis @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Upsala Blue Jays @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Flensburg Falcons @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Flensburg Falcons @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
 Randall Cubs @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
 Sobieski Skis @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
 Swanville Swans @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
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Status: Completed
  R H E
Lake City Serpents  1 9 1
Buckman Billygoats  11 11 0
Innings: 7
WP: Jeremy Monson 7IP 1r 9h 5k 0bb 2hp
LP: Ryan Wolfe 4IP 5r 6h 3k 2bb
Kyle Sursley 2 1/3IP 5r 4h 3k 1bb
Jacob Duden 0IP 1r 1h 0k 0bb 1hp

Matt Tautges 3-4 2B, sb, rbi, 3 runs
Lane Girtz 2-3 2B(2), bb, sb, run
Aaron Weber 2-4 2B, rbi, run
Joe Kahl 0-3
-Alex Funk 0-1
Noah Boser 2-4 3B, rbi, 2 runs
Matt Kummet 0-2 bb(2), run
-Noah Cekalla 0-0 run
Shawn Lanners 0-2 sac, hp, run
Jack Suska 2-4 3B, 3 rbi, run
Travis Kahl 0-3

Brett Gwaltney 1-4
John Brown 1-4 2B
Matt Miller 0-3 hp
Austin Baab 2-3 hp, run
Logan Thomas 2-3
Josh Matanich 1-3
-Ryan Wolfe 0-0
-Kyle Sursley 0-0
-Jacob Duden 0-0
Jacob Fletcher 1-3
Hunter Baab 1-3
Zach Wolfe 0-3

The Buckman Billygoats advanced to the State Quarterfinals with an 11-1 win in 7 innings over the Lake City Serpents in Shakopee on Saturday.  Buckman starter Jeremy Monson got off to a great start, striking out the first two batters of the game and then getting a weak grounder to 2nd baseman Lane Girtz for a 1-2-3 top of the 1st.  Leading off the home half of the 1st, Matt Tautges lined a double to left-center.  A wild pitch advanced him to 3rd, followed by a Lane Girtz walk.  Girtz and Tautges then worked a double steal with Tautges scoring after a throw down to 2nd to give the Goats a 1-0 lead after 1 inning.  In the top of the 2nd, Lake City loaded the bases with 3 singles off Munson, but Jeremy got a fly out to deep center hauled in by Matt Tautges near the warning track to end the scoring threat.  Buckman got a 2-out single from Jack Suska in the bottom of the 2nd, but a force out at 2nd ended the inning.  In the top of the 3rd, Monson needed just 6 pitches to retire the Serpents in order.  Again in the bottom of the 3rd, Buckman managed a 2-out hit, a double by Aaron Weber, but a ground out to 1st left Weber on base and completed 3 innings with Buckman still up 1-0.  It looked like Lake City had something going to start the 4th when the first batter, Austin Baab was hit by a pitch. The next hitter, Logan Thomas, then drilled a ball between 1st and 2nd that ended up hitting the base runner for an automatic out.  Monson then got a fly out to right fielder Travis Kahl and a foul out to catch Matt Kummet and just like that, the inning was over.  The Billygoats took that little momentum swing and ran with in the bottom of the 4th, scoring 4 runs.  Noah Boser started it with a single to right followed by a 4-pitch walk to Matt Kummet.  A perfect sacrifice bunt by Shawn Lanners advanced both runners up a base.  With the Lake City infield pulled in on the grass, Jack Suska hit a sharp grounder right to shortstop, but the ball was bobbled for an error and Buckman had the bases loaded with 1 out.  2 straight wild pitches allowed both Boser and Kummet to score to make it 3-0.  Matt Tautges then delivered a 2-out rbi single to bring in Suska to make it 4-0.  Lane Girtz then laced a double down the left field line, moving Tautges to 3rd.  The 3rd wild pitch of the inning allowed Tautges to score to make it 5-0 before the inning ended on a fly out to center.  In the top of the 5th, the Serpents picked up s 2-out hit but Monson got the hitter to line out to Matt Tautges to complete the inning.  In the bottom of the 5th, Lake City brought in a new pitcher, Kyle Sursley, who would put the Billygoats quickly down in order.  The Serpents scored a run in the top of the 6th to break up Monson’s shutout.  A 2-out rbi single by Jacob Fletcher made it 5-1. In the bottom of the 6th, Sursley again retired Buckman in order.  In the top of the 7th, Monson fanned the first two men he faced before John Brown doubled to right, followed by Matt Miller getting hit by a Monson pitch.  Monson stayed out of trouble though by getting Austin Baab to ground back to the mound.  Leading off the bottom of the 7th, Matt Tautges slapped a single past 3rd.  Lane Girtz then came up with his second double of the day, followed by an Aaron Weber run-scoring single to score Tautges to make it 6-1 and move Girtz to 3rd.  Then for the 4th time in the game, a wild pitch allowed a Buckman runner to score as Girtz scored easily to make it 7-1.  After a strikeout, Noah Boser stroked an rbi triple to plate Weber and make it 8-1.  Matt Kummet then walked, Shawn Lanners was hit by a pitch to load the bases with 1 out.  With Noah Cekalla pinch-running for Kummet at 2nd, Jack Suska stepped up to the plate and smashed a line drive to center that flew over the center fielders head as Boser, Cekalla and Lanners all came in to score on the 3-run triple that made the score 11-1 and ended the game due to the 10-run rule.  Lake City saw their season end with a record of 12-11 while Buckman improved to 20-5.  The Billygoats will now face the defending State Champion Kimball Express in the Quarterfinals on Sunday morning at 11:00 am in New Prague.
Lake City Serpents Buckman Billygoats
Aaron Weber
Alex Funk
Andrew Ruecker
Ben Boser
Jackson Suska
Jeremy Monson
Joe Kahl
Lane Girtz
Lukas Otte
Mark Kahl
Matt Kummet
Matt Tautges
Noah Boser
Noah Cekalla
Pat Oldakowski
Peter Oldakowski
Peter Suska
Shawn Lanners
Thomas Funk
Travis Kahl