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Friday, February 15, 2019 - (Scores not yet reported or enter)
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Buckman Billygoats 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Buckman Billygoats 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Buckman Billygoats 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Buckman Billygoats 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Lastrup Lakers 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Lastrup Lakers 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Lastrup Lakers 1:30 PM
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Lastrup Lakers 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Pierz Brewers 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Pierz Bulldogs 1:30 PM
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Pierz Brewers 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Pierz Brewers 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Pierz Bulldogs 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Pierz Brewers 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Pierz Bulldogs 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Pierz Bulldogs 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Royalton Riverdogs 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Royalton Riverdogs 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Royalton Riverdogs 1:30 PM
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Royalton Riverdogs 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ Aitkin Steam 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ Aitkin Steam 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ Aitkin Steam 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ Aitkin Steam 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ Cuyuna Range Miners 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ Cuyuna Range Miners 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ Cuyuna Range Miners 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ Cuyuna Range Miners 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ Fort Ripley Rebels 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ Fort Ripley Rebels 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ Fort Ripley Rebels 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ Fort Ripley Rebels 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ Nisswa Lightning 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ Nisswa Lightning 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ Nisswa Lightning 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ Nisswa Lightning 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ St. Mathias Devils 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ St. Mathias Devils 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ St. Mathias Devils 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ St. Mathias Devils 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 Opole Bears @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 St. Stephen Steves @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 Freeport Black Sox @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 St. Wendel Saints @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ Avon Lakers 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 St. Wendel Saints @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 Opole Bears @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 St. Stephen Steves @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 Avon Lakers @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ Freeport Black Sox 1:30 PM
 Avon Lakers @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 Freeport Black Sox @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 St. Stephen Steves @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 St. Wendel Saints @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ Opole Bears 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 St. Wendel Saints @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 Opole Bears @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 Freeport Black Sox @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 Avon Lakers @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ St. Stephen Steves 1:30 PM
 Aitkin Steam @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 Nisswa Lightning @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 Cuyuna Range Miners @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 Avon Lakers @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 Fort Ripley Rebels @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 Freeport Black Sox @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 Opole Bears @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 St. Stephen Steves @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 St. Mathias Devils @ St. Wendel Saints 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Swanville Swans @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Sobieski Skis @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Randall Cubs @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Upsala Blue Jays @ Flensburg Falcons 1:30 PM
 Flensburg Falcons @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Sobieski Skis @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Swanville Swans @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Upsala Blue Jays @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Randall Cubs 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Randall Cubs @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Swanville Swans @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Upsala Blue Jays @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Flensburg Falcons @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Sobieski Skis 1:30 PM
 Randall Cubs @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Sobieski Skis @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Upsala Blue Jays @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Flensburg Falcons @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Swanville Swans 1:30 PM
 Flensburg Falcons @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
 Pierz Brewers @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
 Pierz Bulldogs @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
 Randall Cubs @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
 Lastrup Lakers @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
 Buckman Billygoats @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
 Sobieski Skis @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
 Swanville Swans @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
 Royalton Riverdogs @ Upsala Blue Jays 1:30 PM
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Status: Completed
  R H E
Kimball Express  3 12 2
Buckman Billygoats  2 3 0
Innings: 9
WP: Ben Johnson 8+IP 1r 1h 9k 1bb 1hp
Save: Alex Kendall (St. Joe) 1IP 1r 2h 3k 1bb
LP: Nate DeChaine (Nisswa) 8 2/3IP 3r 11h 5k 1bb 1hp
Matt Tautges 1/3IP 0r 1h 0k 0bb 1hp

Austin Ruehle 3-3 bb, hp, sb, run
Scott Marquardt 2-5 2 rbi
-Brady Faber 0-0
Jordan Joseph 1-4 hp
Adam Beyer 1-4 2B
-Joey Von Wahlde 0-0
-Ben Theisen 0-0
Ben Johnson 1-4 rbi
Brian Marquardt 1-4
Matt Dingmann 1-3 sac
Kyle Winter 1-4
-Aaron Serbus 0-0 run
Brooks Marquardt 1-4 run

Matt Tautges 0-3 bb
Lane Girtz 0-3 hp, run
Aaron Weber 1-3 bb
-Alex Funk 0-0 run
Travis Kahl 0-4
Noah Boser 0-4
Matt Kummet 1-4 rbi
-Lukas Otte 0-0
Shawn Lanners 1-4 rbi
-Andrew Rueckert 0-0
-Nate DeChaine 0-0
Jack Suska 0-4 sb
Joe Kahl 0-2
-Mark Kahl 0-1

The Buckman Billygoats saw their 2018 season come to an end with a 3-2 loss to the Kimball Express in a State Quarterfinal game in New Prague on Sunday.  Goats starter Nate DeChaine worked out of a jam in the top of the 1st with strikeout to strand runners at 2nd and 3rd.  Meanwhile, Express starter Ben Johnson retired Buckman in order in each of the first 2 innings.  In the top of the 3rd, Kimball’s Austin Ruehle was at 2nd with 1 out when Scott Marquardt flew out to center with Ruehle tagging up and sliding into 3rd. However, Buckman appealed that Ruehle had left 2nd too early and the appeal was upheld and Ruehle was called out to end the inning.  In the bottom of the 3rd, Buckman finally got their first base runner when Jack Suska reached on a 1-out error.  The Goats eventually loaded the bases on a walk to Matt Tautges and a Lane Girtz hit by pitch with 3 outs.  Ben Johnson kept the game scoreless by getting Aaron Weber to fly out to center to end the 3rd.  Both DeChaine and Johnson then worked scoreless 4th, 5th and 6th innings.  In the top of the 7th, Kimball got a lead-off double from Adam Beyer.  DeChaine then recorded a pair of fly outs before Matt Dingmann legged out an infield hit. With runners at the corners, Kyle Winter flew out to deep left to end the threat.  Johnson then once again retired Buckman 1-2-3 and the game remained scoreless going to the 8th.  DeChaine got Brooks Marquardt to ground out to Aaron Weber at 3rd to lead off, but then Austin Ruehle reached on an infield single. Another infield hit and a hit batter filled the bases with 1 out.  DeChaine got Adam Beyer to pop out to 2nd but then Ben Johnson ripped a single to center to score Ruehle, with Scott Marquardt thrown out at home to end the inning with the Express now leading 1-0.  Buckman went down 1-2-3 in the bottom of the 8th as well.  In the top of the 9th, DeChaine got two quick outs before Kyle Winter singled. Kimball put Aaron Serbus in as a pinch-runner for Winter.  Brooks Marquardt then singled, and Buckman decided to bring Matt Tautges in to pitch in place of DeChaine,  Tautges hit Austin Ruehle to liad the bases and then Scott Marquardt cracked a 2-run single to make it 3-0. A fly out to left ended the inning, leaving the Billygoats one last chance, trailing now by 3 runs.  Ben Johnson had limited Buckman to just 1 hit over 8 innings.  But Johnson injured himself attempting to field a ball hit by Lane Girtz to start the bottom of the 9th. Girtz was safe on an error and Johnson was unable to continue pitching due to the injury and was replaced by Alex Kendall, a draftee from St. Joe.  Kendall walked Aaron Weber, with Alex Funk entering as a pinch-runner for Weber. A wild pitch allowed both runners to advance but the Kendall got back-to-back strikeouts.  Matt Kummet kept the Buckman hopes alive with an rbi single to make it 3-1.  Shawn Lanners then singled to score Funk and it was 3-2 and Buckman had the tying run at 2nd and the winning run at 1st with 2 outs.  But Kendall ended the Billygoats hopes of completing the rally by getting a game-ending strikeout to finish things off with the 3-2 Kimball Victory.  Buckman’s season ended with a record of 20-6.  Kimball then went on to the Semifinals on Sunday night, where they lost 12-5 to Plato.
Kimball Express Buckman Billygoats
Aaron Weber
Alex Funk
Andrew Ruecker
Ben Boser
Jackson Suska
Jeremy Monson
Joe Kahl
Lane Girtz
Lukas Otte
Mark Kahl
Matt Kummet
Matt Tautges
Noah Boser
Noah Cekalla
Pat Oldakowski
Peter Oldakowski
Peter Suska
Shawn Lanners
Thomas Funk
Travis Kahl